Omnichannel Trade Content & Experience Strategy



Omnichannel Trade Content & Experience Strategy

We devise and design different offline experiences and all the online content of the different Adidas retailers at the market level.

01 The Challenge

Create, adapt and produce all the content for the entire Adidas marketing division, complimenting with the design and production of key customer experiences on points of sale.

02 Strategy & Implementation

We created specific and integrated content and experience plans for each of the 18 key seller accounts nationwide, to showcase the brand across all of their online and offline points of contact.

03 The Solutions

The solutions provided:

AV & Content Marketing

Creativity & Strategy

Experiential Marketing

Media & Public Relations

Influencer Marketing

Trade Marketing

Events & Projects

Stan Smith College Challenge

In order to promote the sustainable edition of Stan Smith, we devised a communication plan that consisted of the participation of consumers - specifically universities - with design and creativity skills, in which a challenge was established, amplified by media communication, in which the participants had to devise sustainable products and upload them to a site created by us.

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McDonalds x Adidas

We designed a comprehensive strategy that combined the participation of KOLs and a content creation space set like a school gym, in which we created different pohoto opportunities to generate materials, additionally we complemented it with a distribution of kits alluding to the collection for media and we complemented the launch with an activation at the point of sale.

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Trainning Clinics

We carry out an experience in different points of sale aimed at a specific consumer profile in order to raise the notoriety of the sports line in one of its key distributors, in this activation we have clinics and training coaches adapted to an introductory level, putting in the center, the brand's products.

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Omnichannel Content Creation

We have created differentiated design lines for more than 18 key adidas distributors, these materials are used in their various formats - gifs, video, stills, motion graphics, animations, clips, etc. - within the different communication channels of all retailers - social media, .com, display, CRM, etc.-

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